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Play Craps Online for Real Money

online crapsCraps online is a dice game that is played at trusted gambling sites. A player has to bet on the outcome of a pair of dice that is rolled. The casino game is great fun and has rapidly spread around the world.

The simple rules mean you can quickly learn to play craps at the best online casino Australia website. In a nutshell, we cover what you need to know about virtual craps and wagers. We have a few tricks about the game up our sleeves to direct you in a path of winning big.

Top Craps Online Casino Sites 2022

Basic Craps Online Rules

The game of craps is relatively easy to understand once you read the rules. Starting off, the player that rolls a pair of dice is called the shooter. Then, players will have to make bets and predict the dice results. The betting rounds are: the come-out roll and don’t come out roll.

During the beginning of the age-old casino game of craps (come-out roll), players have to make wagers on a pass or don’t pass line. The bets players make predict the outcome of the dice which ideally has to land on 7 or 11. When you want to  play craps game online, you’ll be required to click the “shoot” or “roll” button on your screen. The don’t come out bet means the opposite of come out.

The shooter “craps out” if 2,3 or 12 is rolled, you lose if you’ve made a pass line bet and the don’t pass wins. The pass line bet wins should the roll out be 7 or 11 and the don’t pass loses. Point numbers are all the other numbers that can be rolled by the shooter which include 4,5,6,8,9 or 10. The pass bet will win if one of the “point” numbers are rolled again before the shooter lands on a 7 or 11. Should a 7 roll before the mentioned numbers the pass bet is defeated.

Best Online Craps for Real Money

We are sure you have seen how craps players kiss the dice before rolling in one or two Hollywood casino movies. It comes with excitement and is entertaining because of the big wins and losses that arise in the popular casino game. It’s easy to keep rolling the dice at recommended best online craps for real money until you make a win.

This is because you will be driven by the thrill of placing bets, throwing the dice and hoping they add up to your desired total. Playing craps for real money is truly rewarding, just research people who have already won.

Types of Craps Bets

You’ll notice that there are different bets you can place on the game. Once you know how to play craps you can look the wagers that we briefly discuss. Before you go to online craps sites check out:

  • Come Bets
  • Pass Bets
  • Don’t Pass Bets
  • Don’t Come Bets
  • Place six and Place 8
  • Hardways Bet
play craps online

Free Online Craps

Craps online free mode can launch on your mobile devices or web browser allowing you to enjoy the game at any time. You can try your luck at top online casinos and become an expert. You can take advantage of this opportunity and sign-up at a casino to start playing the game free of charge.

Online Craps Betting Strategy to Win

To be honest there is no way to always win craps because it’s all about luck but you can start with the right bets. Make sure that you are familiar with all the possible bets. The best wagers for new craps players is the pass line and don’t pass line bets which has a house edge of 1.14%, odd bets too.

You should also go through the craps odds chart. It’s always good to start with free online craps and gradually move to the best casino games for real money. Lastly, go through the important terms used in craps if you are planning to gamble regularly.

Why Play Craps Online

When you play the dice game on the web you don’t have to worry about table etiquette. Land-based casino craps rules may slow you down because you have to consider a lot of things. The game can also turn out to be fast paced so you’ll need to be alert and keep track of it.

Whereas, the main advantages of playing online craps are it allows you to throw the dice automatically without any fuss. The casino game is played at your own pace in addition to the bonuses and promotions you’ll receive. Furthermore, with Wi-Fi connection you can game on your smartphone. The are plenty of reasons for playing craps online.

Quick History of Craps

According to several theories, craps is fundamentally based on an English game named Hazard. There are also mentions of a French game called Crabes that managed to influence it. Around the 18th and 19th centuries, the game came to New Orleans, Louisiana through Bernard Xavier Phillipe’s introduction. This version of the game could easily be tampered with and has since been updated. Thanks to John H. Winn who built and updated dice game which we have come to love today.

FAQs About Craps


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