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Online Pai Gow Poker Tips

expert pai gow poker tipsTo make the best of every game use pai gow poker tips. The low volatility game is a popular variation of poker you can enjoy on the web. In our pai gow poker strategy, we’ll help you increase your odds of winning the casino game. It is a fun game you can enjoy at the best gambling sites.

Top Pai Gow Poker Casinos

Pai Gow Poker Tips for Winning

1.      What Moves to Make in Pai Gow Poker

  • If you do not have a pair, flush or straight, then play the highest card with your 5-card hand and the following two highest cards with your two-card hand.
  • Should you have two pairs, these must be split if you have two aces. Splitting also applies when you have a pair of kings, and the other pair is better than 2’s
  • When you have three different pairs, you should play the highest pair in your two-card hand.
  • In your 5-card hand always play a straight or flush
  • When there is a full house, split and play the pair in the two-hand card
  • You should split four aces unless there is a pair of kings available
  • Keep 6’s or lower cards in the five-card hand. 7’s to 10’s should be split unless there is an ace to play in your two-card hand. Always split face cards unless you have another pair.
  • Unless you have a pair off kings you should split four aces

2.      How to Use Your Joker

The natural manner of using joker is to complete a straight or flush without neglecting your two-card aces. It can be worthwhile to have a pair of aces so your small hand isn’t that bad.

3.      Avoid Side Bets

You will find certain versions of pai gow poker allowing you to make side bets. A side bet in the game means the aim is to win extra on a hand that’s a three-of-a-kind or better. So, avoid the side bets because the house edge will increase which is money lost for you.

top pai gow poker tips

4.      Play at Pai Gow Poker Casinos

The best way to implement your pai gow poker strategy is to choose a reputable online casino. We have a list of trusted gambling websites that offer the game and other poker variations. It takes a few minutes to sign up at reliable casinos and you’re not limited to one site.

5.      Enjoy the Game

You can enjoy online pai gow poker by taking your time. It is a slow game which gives you the opportunity to make the right moves. So, get comfortable and play the online casino game with ease. When you win don’t forget to spoil yourself and put some cash away.