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Online Pai Gow Poker Tips

expert pai gow poker tipsTo make the best of every game use pai gow poker tips. The low volatility game is a popular variation of poker you can enjoy on the web. In our pai gow poker strategy, we’ll help you increase your odds of winning the casino game. It is a fun game you can enjoy at the best gambling sites.

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Pai Gow Poker Tips for Winning

1.      What Moves to Make in Pai Gow Poker

  • If you do not have a pair, flush or straight, then play the highest card with your 5-card hand and the following two highest cards with your two-card hand.
  • Should you have two pairs, these must be split if you have two aces. Splitting also applies when you have a pair of kings, and the other pair is better than 2’s
  • When you have three different pairs, you should play the highest pair in your two-card hand.
  • In your 5-card hand always play a straight or flush
  • When there is a full house, split and play the pair in the two-hand card
  • You should split four aces unless there is a pair of kings available
  • Keep 6’s or lower cards in the five-card hand. 7’s to 10’s should be split unless there is an ace to play in your two-card hand. Always split face cards unless you have another pair.
  • Unless you have a pair off kings you should split four aces

2.      How to Use Your Joker

The natural manner of using joker is to complete a straight or flush without neglecting your two-card aces. It can be worthwhile to have a pair of aces so your small hand isn’t that bad.

3.      Avoid Side Bets

You will find certain versions of pai gow poker allowing you to make side bets. A side bet in t