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Play French Roulette Online 2022

play french rouletteFrench roulette is similar to European variation because both have a single-zero on the wheel layout. The betting options are the same. However, the French game has favourable odds when compared to its counterparts.

Many players gravitate towards the popular European version and American roulette. Although the French version of roulette is unpopular, we give you reasons to try it. There are some casino sites that feature the game but not many.  Let’s first understand how the online casino game works.

Top French Roulette Casino Sites

Play Online French Roulette

Like with any other games you have to get familiar with the rules of the game. The French roulette has a house advantage of 1.35% that you can benefit from, but first we cover the basics of the French roulette game:

  1. French Terminology – You may need to polish your French language to understand the names used in the game. Bets are called differently, like even/odd is pair/impair and so on. It can be fun getting to know the names of such a roulette game.
  2. Rules of French variation – if you know how to play European roulette then online French roulette should be easy. You’ll have to consider a couple of quirky rule changes in such an online roulette game like en prison and la partage. Call bets can also be made with this type of roulette.
  3. Select a Casino and Place Bets– from the list of our recommended online casinos, choose your favourite site. Here, you can play the game by placing different wagers such as inside or outside bets. See