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Best Sic Bo Online for 2022

online sic boSic Bo online is one of the oldest games that can be traced back to Ancient China. The game of chance needs you to bet on the results of a three dice roll. The game has made its way into casinos and Australians can now play sic bo for real money.

Some may compare the casino game to craps but it is slightly challenging. We look at online sic bo rules and strategy. It is easy to make bets at the best Aussie online casino once you understand how the games works, then live sic bo online is the next great thing!

Play Sic Bo Online Real Money

How Sic Bo Online Works

The sic bo game is still loved by many players around the world. You can try your luck and play the fast-paced dice game to predict the winning combination. The online casino game is straightforward. The fantastic thing about playing online sic bo is that the game allows you to be in control. Whereas in a land-based casino the dealer/croupier will roll the dice.

  1. Place a bet based on the sic bo betting board
  2. Press the roll button on your screen
  3. The dice will be shaken and revealed by a Random Number Generator machine
  4. If you predict the right total then you win and will get a payout
  5. Go on and play the game again!

Sic Bo Bets

When you want to get to know the sic bo game better you have to grasp the bets. The wagers we briefly talk about come with different payouts. You are not restricted to making one but can place multiple bets which is thrilling. With more betting opportunities on the horizon, let’s get straight into them:

  • Single Bet – this is a simple bet you make on a number that will show on one of the three rolling dice. You are given the option to bet on a 3.
  • Total – here, you bet on the outcome of the total of the three dice. The numbers you can choose start from 4 to 18.
  • Double – a specific number will appear on two of the dice.
  • Triple Bet – you bet on the three dice all showing a specific number. The odds of securing this winning combination is slim but worth the adrenalin rush. The payout for a triple bet is 30:1 at top sic bo online real money casinos.

Sic Bo Online for Real Money

Most players like playing sic bo for real money. They simply make a deposit at their favourite casino and get rewarded for signing up. You can give real money sic bo a chance and see how much cash you can win. Free online sic bo games are open to players who are still getting to understand it. To play sic bo demo is alright but you’ll soon be playing the online game for money when you want to win big.

sic bo online game

Live Sic Bo Online

Imagine sitting at the casino venue and a dealer rolling the dice. Well, you don’t have to think about it when you can play sic bo live on the table! Have a good time interacting with the real dealer who will throw the dice after you place your bets. Cross your fingers and hope your sets of numbers hit. Make sure you have good internet connection to not allow any buffering while on the verge of winning.

Even better, you can authentically experience online sic bo using the casino app. Virtual gaming is popular and allows you to play in your own space. It’s safe to make winning bets at recommend sic bo online casino sites.

Sic Bo Strategy

What’s your game plan? Focused gamblers have a good sic bo strategy in mind. Although it may not guarantee a win, you don’t lose anything in trying to win the casino game.  With loads of sic bo tips on the internet we have summarised the most essential aspects of the game:

  • Like with any game, having knowledge of how it works pays off. Don’t forget to go through the sic bo glossary.
  • Small/big bets are the way to go which have a house edge of 2.78% and payout 1:1.
  • Start off with making a few bets and gradually increase them.
  • Make combination bets on the betting board without breaking your bank. For each roll ensure that you have multiple chances of winning. This betting strategy is risky but there is more cash to gain.
  • If you are not sure about what sic bo is all about play if for free. It gives you enough practice then move on to real money sic bo games at reputable gambling sites.

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