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Online Sic Bo Tips and Tricks

expert sic bo tipsOur online sic bo tips will help you increase your chances of winning. Although the game is based on pure luck it doesn’t mean a good sic bo strategy won’t work. The casino game is easy to play with the simple roll of the dice.

Like any other game you must understand that strategies involve certain risks. We cover great sic bo tips to improve your gameplay. Then, choose top-rated online casinos to play one of the oldest games.

Best Sic Bo Online Casinos

Top 5 Online Sic Bo Tips

Sic bo is a fun casino game and using a working strategy can be useful. You can make meaningful bets, but we can’t promise that you will always win. With luck on your side, you can win.

1.      Small, Big and Combination Bets

We advise you to make either small or big bets because they have a low house edge. The small and big bets give you a good chance of winning and a great payout. The combination bet also has a low house edge which is slightly more than the previous two wagers but high probability. Here are the bets you can expect in Sic Bo:

 Small Bet Big Bet Combination
House Edge2.78%2.78%2.77%

2.      Avoid Triple or Total Bets

Try placing bets that have a huge house edge. The chances of you betting a specific number to show on all three dice is rare. It is a risky and thrilling bet to make in the online sic bo game. As a beginner you should avoid the triple bet which is has a payout of 180:1. While the house advantage stands at 16.74%.

The total bet is not ideal because it has a high payout of 13.9%. It makes it difficult to hit so don’t place the wager if you don’t want to easily hand your money to the casino. The bet pays 30:1.

3.      Betting Systems

You can search for sic bo betting systems but none of them will significantly reduce the house edge. These betting systems can’t guarantee a win because sic bo is a game of luck. At the end of the day, the online casino must make money.

top sic bo strategy

4.      Have a Sic Bo Budget

When you want to enjoy sic bo online make sure you have money specifically allocated for it. It is important to play within your means and know when to stop. Should you run out of funds then it’s time to take a break. If you make profit along the way, make sure you put some cash aside so you can continue to play the game you love.

5.      Choose a Recommended Online Sic Bo Casino

Lastly, you can go through our reputable online gambling sites that offer sic bo and register an account. Once you know the sic bo rules you can easily play the game of chance. Follow the simple steps and start playing online sic bo using a winning strategy.