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Online Sports Betting Australia for 2022

make sports betsSports betting draws in about half a million Australians punters. We can help you get the most value for money out of your online betting activity. Our guide has the latest odds and picks for you to bet on sports This is possible through the best sports betting apps you can download on your mobile device.

There are many sports betting websites where you can place bets on the most popular events. AFL, Cricket, The Melbourne Cup are some of the favourite sports Aussies love. With the right sports betting tips, you can start winning at top sportsbooks. Everything you need to know about sports betting online is here!

Best Sports Betting Websites

How We Rate the Best Australian Sports Betting Sites

We want punters to find the right sports betting site. To do this, there is a process all sportsbooks need to go through for you to consider registering an account. You can’t afford to waste your valuable cash and time on a site that doesn’t satisfy your needs.

  • Different Sports, Markets and Types of Bets

A reputable betting site will have a wide range of sports such as cricket, rugby, soccer, horse racing and other exciting sports. The site will allow you to place all sorts of bets.

  • Competitive Betting Odds

Odds are important when it comes to betting on any sports online. It’s wise to compare odds from different bookmakers. The site should have good betting lines in the market. A range of popular sports tend to have competitive odds which you’ll have to calculate.

  • Security and Customer Support

Checking the background of an online sports betting site is the first thing you should do. We always verify that the site has a license to operate in Australia. legal sites have certification on top of that encryption to protect their customers from fraudulent activities. When you want clarity about a betting website you can contact their support team which is ideally available 24/7.

  • Banking Options

When you want to make payments, you can do so using any deposit and withdrawal method. the common banking options include credit/debit cards, e-wallets and other notable financial services.

  • Bet On Mobile

A sportsbook should have a great interface that suits your mobile device. The site needs to be optimized and user-friendly from the design to navigation.  You can use your touch-screen to bet through recognised sports betting sites or download the app. Ideally, pages should load fast and you should quickly get what you want.

Top 10 Sports to Bet on in Australia

Aussies love beer and jaw drooping sports events that are worth each bet. Sports betting fans have many options when it comes to sports.

 Australian Football League Bets

The viewership speaks for itself when we talk about the AFL. It is the most popular sport in Australia made of profession men who play with passion. There are 18 teams which you can bet on. Look out for the latest sport games and the highly loved Grand Final. Sydney Swans has over 1 million supports topping the AFL supporter ladder. Sports bet AFL!

A-League Soccer Betting

The A-League takes place through eight months. When it’s the game season you’ll notice the best betting sites take out competitive odds. The much-anticipated League finals are what get Australian pumped to bet and win.

Bet On Cricket

Cricket happens throughout the year. The Big Bash League, Test, Twenty20 International are some of the cricket events to keep an eye on. Australia’s national cricket team is one you can bet on!

Horse Bets

In Australia you can’t afford to miss the exciting Melbourne Cup. The event hosts horse racing competitions which come with great prizes too! You will witness the best horse’s ad riders engage in the event. The Melbourne Trophy is awarded to the winner.

Tennis Betting

You can bet on Tennis throughout the years because Melbourne hosts grand slams that you can’t miss. The sport is mostly like by the locals, the Australian Open, Wimbledon, US Open attracts punters who are ready to put their money where their mouth is.  We can’t talk about Australian Tennis without mentioning Ashleigh Barty or Nick Krygios to show off a few star tennis players.

Basketball Betting

Some punters like betting on the National Basketball League. The NBA can’t be missed in the world of basketball. It’s USA’s most loved sport that is recognised around the planet giving punters across the globe an opportunity to place their bets.


Betting on Rugby

There are eight teams in the in the National rugby Championship (NRC). The NRC takes place from August until October.


MMA Betting

Mixed Martial Arts id for is gaining popularity. It is a tough sport that has super stars like Conor McGregor who have made it a known event globally. Australia prides itself to have produced exceptional talents like Alexander Volkanovski, Robert Whittaker and more. Be sure to catch all the action throughout the calendar year.

Boxing Bets

Punters who like boxing can place wagers on the sports through top sportsbooks. The thrill of betting on who will take the next title never get old, because stars like Anthony Joshua, Vasyl Lomachenko make it worthwhile.

eSports Betting

Video gaming has become popular over the years which also allows you to reach a professional level. eSports betting is a fun activity with games such as Call of Duty, League of legends, Dota 2 and so many more. The competition gets rife, get in on the action!


Sports Bets

Australian sportsbooks have different wagers you can place on your favourite sports. You need to wager on a sport event with a game plan. Research your team and look at the following bets you can make:

  • Straight Bet – all you need to do is predict a winner of the match. You win the simple wager when you guess the right outcome. First time bettors can go for this bet.
  • Future or Outright Bets – you will have to choose the winner of a sports game before the final happens.
  • Spread Bets – bookmakers will add and advantage and disadvantage to a player or team in the competition.
  • Proposition or Side Bets – wagers are placed based on whether a particular situation will happen in the game. If what you say occurs, you will win the bet.
  • Over/ Under Bets – also called Totals, this wager requires you to guess the overall score on the sport event.
best sports betting experience

Betting Sites Banking Methods

You will have to choose a bookie that has common payment methods you can use for online transactions. Aussies can select a suitable banking option to fund and withdraw from their online sports betting account. A list of safe and secure deposit and withdrawal methods:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • POLi
  • BPay
  • Bank Transfers

Top Sports Betting Apps

Life is much easier when you have a betting app, you can quickly place bets. Bookmakers tend to have great sport betting apps which you can install on your smartphone. The best app needs to have the latest features and be user-friendly. We review some of the current applications to ensure they have great features. Punters quickly want to place bets, fast loading time counts.

The mobile version of a betting site should offer you the same experience as it would on desktop. You are able to launch the sportsbook on your mobile browser if you prefer.

Best Sports Betting Apps

Virtual bets are possible when you use the best mobile betting apps such as:

  • Unibet – top mobile betting and user-friendly
  • BoomBet – use the betting app for Apple, Android and tablet
  • Bookmaker – functional betting app for placing wagers
  • Neds – well-designed app for the best sports bet today
  • Ladbrokes – best betting app to have on your mobile device
  • Draftstarts  – use app to bet on cricket, horse and other sports
  • Bet365 – huge selection of sport games on your application
  • Playup – have a good time on your sports bet app
  • Palmerbet – enjoy making safe payments on your reliable app
  • Topsports – ideal betting app to access sports

Compatible Devices

if you love sports, you should be able to easily access the latest picks and events from any portal. These are devices you can use for betting on sports:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Laptop
  • Desktop

How to Download a Sports Betting App

When you want to install an app, you must have enough storage space on your portable device for it. This is how you get started:

  1. Register a betting account
  2. Download the app through Google Play or Apple Store
  3. Start to bet on sports today!

Top 5 Recommended Sportsbooks for 2022


Sportsbook Ranked Minimum Deposit Key Features eSports Betting Rating (have real stars)
#1 PowBetAU$10Best overall betting experienceYes5 starts
#2BetfairAU$10Variety of Payment MethodsYes5 stars
#3Bet365AU$10Great for In-PlayYes5 stars
#4SportsBetAU$5Excellent SecurityYes4.5 stars
#5LadbrokesAU$10Get the best betting linesYes5 stars


Sports Betting Odds

Games are attached to betting odds which give the probability of you winning. The value placed next to the team or player is known as “odds”. The three main sports betting lines are; fractional, decimal and American odds. Each are calculated differently and applicable to different parts of the world.

In Australia, Canada and Europe decimal odds are popular. These odds are easy to understand because the calculation is simple:

Stakes x Odds (written in decima) = Win

We advise you to compare different sportsbook lines to get the best option. The betting odds calculator is also available on the internet which will convert the lines for you in the format you want.

Live Sports Betting

Online sports betting is an innovative industry that want to give bettors an amazing wagering experience. Live betting has changed the game in giving you excellent features. Although live betting is illegal, bookies try to maneuverer around the legislation. Australian can place live bets on their phone without using the internet. Go to a live betting site and call them to make you live bet.

How to Place Bets at Australian Bookmakers

You can either open a sportsbook account at a new betting site in Australia or an old one. This is how you can make you wager at recommended bookmakers:

  1. Ensure you have money in your account. Head on to the sports section and choose the type of sport you want to bet on.
  2. Place a wager on your favourite team or player.
  3. Choose the amount you want to wager and confirm everything.

Australian Sports Betting Websites Security and Support

It’s vital to use safe and secure sites. Australian online betting websites are licensed and regulated to protect the interest of punters. All websites go through a strict review process to ensure they meet you betting standards. Online sports betting Australia sites use top-notch security, SSL technology and the latest protection features to safeguard your data.

When you want to contact a betting website, the team must be available 24/7. We like sports betting online at a reliable site that attends to all our needs.

Online Gambling Laws in Australia

When the government banned sportsbooks in 2019, they wanted to curb the online gambling problem. Besides that, online sports betting does not have a lot of restrictions and it is a regulated sector.

Aussies have the option of betting on sports and fantasy sports betting. There are strict laws against other forms of online gambling. Australian sports betting sites must have a recognised licensed to operate in Victoria.

Is gambling a big problem in Australia? Yes, the people in the country have a huge gambling problem. The Australian Government’s Productivity Commission data says AU$24.9 billion is lost in a year because of gambling, the highest in the world. We encourage gamblers to get in touch with the right channels and seek help if they have a gambling addiction.

Top Sports Betting Sites Australian Fact

  • The legal gambling age: 18 years-old.
  • Sports betting started in 1993 when Sportsbet become the first licenced online bookmaker. Today, you can on any sport.
  • About 80% of Australian adults like to gamble.
  • The gambling age range is between 50-54 years.
  • Australian’s number #1 sport is Australian Rules Football (AFL)

Sports Betting Tips

We know that Aussies love to hear about expert betting tips that come in handy when considering participating in events. These winning tricks can help you make a good profit from the best betting sites in Australia. Take a look at the below points to stay ahead of the game:

Bankroll Management

You can do anything if you don’t have money for wagers. Firstly, save cash for sports bets and use it wisely. When you win remember to put away a portion of the cash to increase your bankroll.

Stick to Sports You Know

Wager on a sport you know well before going for one you still need to understand. It becomes easier to make bets this way.


Always be up-to-date with the latest sports betting blogs, trends and statistics. Study how the team/ player you plan to place bets on has been performing in the past and currently. Do the AUS sports betting odds comparison because you might find they differ for the same match.  from trustworthy sportsbooks. Then, build a successful model.

Have a Good Time Betting

A match always brings people together so have a good time with friends. Place informative bets that can possibly yield results. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. Professional bettors with an aim to make money should not take the match too seriously.


FAQs -Sports Betting Online

How does sports betting work?

To bet on sports today, you’ll have to choose a top platform that accepts wagers. Then, select your sport, pin the betting lines against each other from different bookies and place a bet on the match.

Can you get rich from sports betting?

No, you can get rich from sports betting but you can make a good profit. If you are willing to make the activity a full-time job maybe you can make a huge sum of money. professional bettors know that this is feasible and stick to making a profit.

What is the best sports betting site?

The best sports betting site is PowBet. It is creatively designed to cater for all you online sports betting needs. In addition, you will get amazing features on the platform that enhance your betting experience.

Can you bet on sports legally in Australia?

The Interactive Gambling Act states that sports betting is a legal online gambling form.

Is it smart to bet on sports?

Yes, it’s a good idea to bet on sports if you love the game. You can easily make money from applying your knowledge and placing the right wager.

What is the easiest bet to win?

The simplest wager to make is the moneyline bet/fixed odds bet which let’s you choose a winner in the match.

How do you win a bet every time?

There is no way you can win a bet every time but you increase your chances of winning by using top sports betting tips.

How to verify you sports bet account?

To verify your betting account, you’ll need to:

      1. Login
      2. Click the My Account page
      3. Choose to verify now and id option
      4. Insert your personal information

Why you shouldn’t bet on sports?

When you bet on sport you risk losing your money. You can get addicted to gambling on the internet.

What is the line in sports betting?

The line in sports betting is also called odds. You always need to look at the sports betting line of competitions before you can bet.