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Lotto Tips and Tricks to Win

top lotto tipsOnline lotto tips are easy to grasp. Lotteries are popular awarding players all over the world millions of dollars. Who knows, you can get closer to winning the life-changing jackpot using these expert tips. Some of the well-known lottery games include the Powerball and Mega Millions. Let’s get straight into it and see how your odds improve.

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Top 5 Lotto Tips for Winning

We give you secrets to winning the lottery. It may not be guaranteed but you honestly have nothing to lose in testing it out.

1.      Choose the Right Online Lottery Game

You will find many lottery games and choosing the right one is more important than you think. These games are not the same and may slightly different odds of winning. Here are the Australian jackpots odds of winning which may be subject to change:

Lottery Jackpot Odds Minimum Jackpot
Oz Lotto1 : 45,379,620$2 Million
Powerball1 : 76,676,600$3 Million
Monday Lotto1 : 8,145,060$1 Million
Wednesday Lotto1 : 8,145,060$1 Million
Saturday Lotto1 : 8,145,060$4 Million


2.      Buy More Than One Lotto Ticket

Should you budget allow we would suggest buying more online lottery tickets. With each purchased ticket you improve your chances of winning. You may even win the lottery jackpot when you take a chance and buy a few extra tickets.

3.      Choose a Good Selection of Numbers

Try to choose a variety of numbers from the available lottery pool. You shouldn’t pay too much attention on patterns or one cluster. Some players prefer using their birthdays or special occasion numbers, there is nothing wrong,  but you are advised to mix it up with others (random digits should also be embraced). These lucky numbers may be limiting because most selections fall between 1 to 31. You should pick number beyond 31 because less popular numbers means the probability of sharing the jackpot is smaller. When you win, you likely won’t need to share the jackpot with someone.

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4.      Second Chance Lottery

Some online lottery games give players a second chance to win. The second chance lottery for virtual gamers means they are automatically done where a random ticket will be selected as part of a second chance draw. This feature makes the online casino game even more exciting to play.

5.      Lottery Syndicates

One of the most popular lottery strategies is joining a group of people to buy lottery tickets. You can choose to form syndicates with friends, family or colleagues that have the same interest. If you guys score any of the lottery numbers, the prize pool will be shared according to each person’s contribution. It’s nice to know that participants will each get something, but the downfall is that the amount decreases depending on the number of people involved.